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Richard Thomas is a full-time web developer and part-time photographer living in Málaga provice in Andalucía, on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. He can be contacted by email at this address. All photos published here are available as prints, please email for details.


You may have noticed that I haven't covered my photos in logos and watermarks - if you want to use one of my photos as the wallpaper on your PC please feel free, I'm not going to object. If you would like to use one of my photos for any other non-commercial purpose please contact me, in most cases I will be happy for you to do this as long as the photo is credited to me with a link to this site if possible.

Update 2nd June 2014

If you visited the between around the 14th May and the 2nd June you may have seen what was described as a "horrible flashing picture". Yes, my site got hacked and vandalised. I feel honoured! Anyway, it had been a bit neglected and I hadn't updated the blog software for a while which is probably how the "hacker" got in (the correct term is cracker, a hacker is someone who plays around with computer systems to see if he can improve them or do something new). Anyway, the media calls them hackers, so that is what they must be.

So Mr or Ms TH3_D@RK_V0RT3X, well played, nicely done etc etc. Hope you got loads of "props" from your "crew": H-SK33PY, IrISt, Wa1s.IrAn, Wa1S.Tr1cK, SizZlinG, SouL, Billy-X, PrinCe.IriST, JKT48 and l0calh0st.ir. I have preserved your sterling work for posterity here.

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